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July 9, 2012
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Hero and Villain Concepts - Compiled by AlexanderHenderson Hero and Villain Concepts - Compiled by AlexanderHenderson
Just the compiled collection of a bunch of drawings from the past few days. I wanted to see how they all looked together (you know, make sure their colors, shapes and sizes work as a group).
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these are a lot of fun. I don't wanna ram a text wall down your throat, so I probably won't talk about each one individually.

overall, these guys all look awesome. You have at least a hint of who they are.
some look more well-constructed than others. Such as, that shark (who is probably my favourite by the way) is good, solid, unique, and I wanna see more of him. But in compare him to, say, i'll call him Guerrilla Warfare. The gorilla doesn't have as strong an impact on me. I don't find his shape, stance, silhouette ect as appealing as the shark's or, say, the ram on the top right or the bull. (Who I feel are very rad designs!)
Only thing, is pecs aren't square. I'd suggest rounding them out.

another one I wanna talk about, is Mr Mayor. I like him, though I want to know he's a political figure without labeling him. He could be in a more patriotic suit, with a flag on the lapel, yanno that whole thing.
I know they're -all- just sorta standing there, (woulda been neat to see a bunch of different poses, but no big d) but showing him maybe, with giant scissors cutting a ribbon or handing over the key to the city, or reading while driving.

it kinda seems that the character is either barrel-chested or bottom heavy like a pear, most with short-short legs. Not saying I don't like those looks, I do, but it'd be cool to see more variety in body types and shapes.
I really like the bods on all of these guys, but those two types are repetitive, know what I mean?
As a fan of big guys, I have a stockpile of pictures. They're all big, either in muscle or fat or both, but of course no two are the same.
play with proportion and break through of (is archetypes the word i want? what does that mean) and play around more.

Shark, gator, bull.

Guerrilla warfare, monkey, pig

Make the cat lady sexier. More slanty cat-eyes and stuff going on.
Lemur lady needs a skirt or leggings. With her top half the way it looks, it's awkward she's not covering her lower half. As well, she's leaning too forward. Watch the centre of gravity.
Experiment more with the Mayor, the boar and skunk (they're really cute)

Draw that Shark more, ahahaha
I think he's great

What do you think?
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This would be a difficult piece to critique as a whole, so I'll critique it's collective parts instead.
Row 1, # 1: SuperRooster; This would most likely be a leading protaginist in the story, but he could also be the heroic foil to a lesser (at the time) hero, who is struggling to get up to the top and admires him. Possibly Cocky. (I am so sorry, but I had to put that pun in.) Superpower: strength, flight, super-voice
Row 1, # 2, SnipeOtter (?); Perhaps the intended protaginist in the above scenario. Maybe clumsy, and somewhat akward. Superpower: Accuracy
Row 1, #3, Cheetahman; Good design, and a perfect candidate for the friend of the Rooster. Superpower: Speed and Agility (duh.)
Row 1, #4, Lone Wolf: a definite Anti-Hero. Superpower: I dunno, Wolf powers.
Row 1, #5, Some fat kid in spandex. Probably has no powers anyway. Possible friends with the otter.
Row 1, #6, Goaticus: A goat with supernatural powers.
Row 2, #1, Clawdious Rex: Standard Corporate villian.
Row 2, #2, Guerilla Warfare (same name used by Two-for-flinching, sorry but it works.) Ammunition powers, most likely works under a larger power as the main bodyguard.
Row 2, # 3 and 4, The Stink brothers: Bumbling fools with Stench-Powers
Row 2, #5, Clawdine: The Femme Fatale Superspy Temptress etc.
Row 3, #1, Robo-Shark, I'd love to see this villian in a real comic. He just looks like a fantastic character to work with.
Row 4, #2, Dr. Pigfarious: Classic Supergenius
Row 4, #3, Ox-Tane (like Octane): Another brutish character who would probably be SnipeOtter's big break.
Row 4, #4, Sly the Wolf: A necromancer wolf, possible relation (say, cousin) to Lone Wolf.
Row 5, #1 Laura Lemur: She's the love interest, no bones about it.
Row 5, #2, Steve the Alligator: Derp. Pure, lovable Derp.
Row 5, #3, Wolfington the Third: rich eccentric who's also related to the other wolves.
Row 5, #4, General Ruffington: Might not like the idea of Heroes, but does thank them for dealing with the Villians
Row 6, #5, Sam the Champ: Either Laura's partner or Rival.

In total, this could be a very successful webcomic or comic book series. All the characters have charm, finisse, and charisma, and would be easily recocnisable. And that is how to make characters. Good work!
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ElOjoRojoCR Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Professional General Artist
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Thank you
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Nice drawings!
Anayo-s Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013
I love the shark with the belt fed grenade launcher.
Lordwormm Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist
Gorgeous work. Your style is so sophisticated and clean. Puts my animal heroes to shame! :)
AlexanderHenderson Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Student Filmographer
Well thank you. I wouldn't say they put yours to shame, I got the chance to look through them, and I think you've got some really cool ideas. They definitely look like fun characters.
Lordwormm Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Hobbyist
Very nice of you to take the time and I appreciate the compliment. :)
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Nice work! It has a very classic feel.
AlexanderHenderson Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Student Filmographer
Thanks, I'll be showcasing some revised designs and poses for some of these guys soon.
Comickook Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013
Excellent artwork.
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